Chicago Bulls honor young fan's loss with once-in-a-lifetime experience

The Chicago Bulls rolled out the red carpet for a fan who has a special connection to the team.  

Six-year-old Jeremiah was invited to cheer the team on against the Milwaukee Bucks after the team found out that his father passed away without the opportunity to take the young fan to a game.  

Jeremiah got special access to watch the team warm up and even met his dad's favorite MVP, Benny the Bull. 

"Our fans are our culture, we're able to do what we do here at the United Center and on the road because fans and we always look for opportunities to say thank you for their passion their dedication their sticking with us through the highs and the lows," said Chicago Bulls Director of Brand Communications Caroline Mattingly.  

Benny gifted the family with some souvenirs, creating a really special memory for Jeremiah.