Chicago chefs and community leaders unite to feed the less fortunate

Chicago chefs and community leaders are joining together to feed the less fortunate.

Throughout the months of February and March, local chefs are helping to fill a community refrigerator just outside of Soul and Smoke restaurant in Evanston.

The owners of Soul and Smoke, along with volunteers from Evanston Community Fridges, have been loading up the refrigerator with hearty foods thanks to chefs who are part of the philanthropic group known as Chicago Chefs Cook.

Organizers say the need has been great, which is why they enlisted the help of their chef friends. They also add that as soon as the refrigerator is filled, the food is already gone because there are so many people who could use the help.

The community fridge is no questions asked, and they try to make sure the food is available 24/7. But they could also use your help.

The Soul and Smoke location, if you would like to donate or purchase meals, is located at 1601 Payne Street. Or visit for more information.