Chicago couple speaks out after surviving vicious 'horror movie'-like attack

A Chicago couple spoke publicly to FOX 32 for the first time about surviving a vicious assault by a stranger.

A judge reportedly said he thought he was listening to details from a horror movie as prosecutors described the attack in court.

The couple is healing and grateful to be alive.

Elijah Rule Hill Prince, 28, now faces multiple charges including aggravated battery.

Last Saturday, police say Timothy Johnson and his wife Renee were attacked by the suspect at 105th & Emerald.

Rule Hill Prince first attacked Timothy after he tried selling him something and Timothy refused the offer, prosecutors said.

Rule Hill Prince allegedly put him in a chokehold and hit Timothy in the head with the shovel he had been using to clean the alley behind his mother-in-law’s home.

Rule Hill Prince went on to punch Timothy in the face, gouge his eyes with his fingers, bite his ears and the top of his head before spitting into the man’s mouth, prosecutors said.

At one point, Rule Hill Prince stuffed a three-inch block into Timothy's left eye, prosecutors said.

Upon hearing the commotion, Renee ran outside and was allegedly attacked by Rule Hill Prince who started by pulling her hair and gouging her eyes with his finger. 


He also bit her ears, ripping off "large chunks," and spitting on her, prosecutors said. After she fell to the ground, Rule Hill Prince allegedly kicked her head multiple times.

Timothy called 911 after he pulled the wooden object out of his eye. 

But Rule Hill Prince ran off after a witness came outside and yelled at him, prosecutors said. 

He was arrested nearby a short time later. Rule Hill Prince’s mouth, face and elbows of his jackets were covered in blood, prosecutors said.

When officers arrested Rule Hill Prince, he allegedly told them the blood he was covered in was not his but the "blood of peasants," Cook County prosecutors said.

The couple spent several days in the hospital, undergoing various surgeries.

But the brighter side of this tragedy, is how the world has rallied behind them.

Their children started a Go Fund Me page to assist with medical expenses.

It’s raised more than $100,000 from donors around the world.

The Johnson’s say they are "blessed" to be alive.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.