Chicago Cubs fans get once-in-a-lifetime experience for Opening Day

Wrigley Field became the Field of Dreams for 50 lucky Cubs fans Tuesday, who won a special lottery to take batting practice at the North Side baseball shrine. 

And with a massive clout, one fan could have won a million bucks.

It was baseball heaven on earth for 50 Cubs fans, as the Cubs and Budweiser promoted Thursday’s season opener by letting fans take the first swings of the 2022 season.

"We had a couple extra days before opening day than we thought we would, so we thought if Wrigley Field’s here let’s share it with our fans, invite people out to hit the Bud’s and play for opening day," said Cubs Vice President Cale Vennum.

Some of the swings almost looked professional. Others not so much, as fans each got three pitches to try to hit one of the signs on the field for prizes and tickets.

"I had two good hits and one foul ball," said Cubs fan Kevin Devries. "But I had like three pitches and I made contact on three. My wife is not going to believe this."


And there was a $1 million prize if anybody was able to hit the Budweiser sign above the right field scoreboard, Kyle Schwarber’s blast in the 2016 playoffs. Nobody came close.

Former Cubs catcher Miguel Montero was on hand to help throw a batting practice, and was asked for a scouting report on the fans’ swings.
"Uh, not a whole lot," Montero said with a laugh. "No it was pretty good though. Actually a couple guys had pretty good swings."

Even if they didn’t win a prize, Cubs fan say they hit the jackpot. 

"It was amazing. I felt like a World Series champion!" Said Lifelong Cubs fan Pierre Stephens. "I’m not even kidding. I feel like Kyle Schwarber. I didn’t win any money. I didn’t win anything but I felt like a million bucks."