Chicago's dancing crossing guard brings joy to her job every day: 'I want to give love to those who need it'

As the school year winds down in Illinois, students and their families are reminded to thank those who have made positive impacts on their academic journey, and that goes beyond the classroom.

May 19 is Crossing Guard Appreciation Day in Illinois, a day to salute all the people who get children to school safely.

They protect kids through all kinds of weather and danger, and they all bring their own personalities to the job.

One crossing guard at 53rd and State streets in Washington Park brings her best moves too. Tammy Anderson has been stationed outside Edward Beasley Academic Center since 2016.


But over time, Anderson got a little bored and started waving at the cars and dancing her heart out and passing drivers have returned the love.

"It's smooth and easy over here," Anderson said. "The drivers are behaving because they know it's me. And it's order out here. See, you got to bless the streets before you come out here. Then you get order. It comes."

"I like that she's full of joy, and she's energized and moves around," said Leia Gilkes.

"I'm very excited. This is Leia's first year at Beasley, and so she was a little nervous, but when she saw Miss Anderson, it kind of just motivated her and energized her," said Kenneth Gilkes.

Safety is always first, but with this platform each morning, Anderson can't help but try to spread some joy.