Chicago demonstrators rally for Laquan McDonald 6 years after his death

Crowds gathered outside Federal Plaza on Tuesday, demanding justice for Laquan McDonald.

Former CPD Officer Jason Van Dyke is already serving time in prison for McDonald’s death. But people say his conviction was not enough and are now calling for new federal charges.

Organizers gathered outside the office of John Lausch Junior, who is the United States attorney for the Northern District of Illinois.

“Jason Van Dyke was not properly sentenced,” said community activist William Calloway.

Calloway was instrumental in the video being uncovered that showed how 17-year-old Laquan McDonald died at the hands of Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke.

“81 months is not enough. That’s a slap in the face,” Calloway said.

Van Dyke is serving 81 months on second-degree murder charges for killing McDonald. Organizers say he could be out in the next year. They want the US attorney for Chicago to file federal civil rights abuse charges against Van Dyke.

“We have not gotten thorough justice for Laquan… Lori Lightfoot, JB Pritzker, where are y’all? Use your platform for this Black life that was lost,” Calloway said.

The group is sending letters and telling people to call the office of Lausch and most importantly: “We gotta’ vote."