Chicago El Milagro workers walk off the job

Workers at the El Milagro tortilla factory walked off the job Thursday at the facility in Little Village.

The workers say they are fed up with the low pay and harsh working conditions, which have only gotten worse since the pandemic.

The workers also say the company has not done enough to address their complaints.


El Milagro has been struggling to meet consumer demands in recent weeks. The company says its because they are dealing with a labor shortage.

"With consumers asking … ‘Where are the tortillas?’ Well you're gonna find out today. While El Milagro workers are proud to make the best tortillas in Chicago, and have contributed to the company's tremendous success, El Milagro workers have been working under harsh conditions for years," said Laura Garza of Arise Chicago.

Garza says 85 workers have contracted COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic and five of them died.

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FOX 32 reached out to El Milagro for comment but have not heard back.