Chicagoans lining up for El Milagro tortillas due to shortage

There have been many shortages during the pandemic. Now, there is a shortage of tortillas in Chicago.

On Friday, there was a line along 26th street in Little Village as shoppers were heading straight to the El Milagro store to buy their tortillas.

Customers can get 20 packs at a time, which they say is a lot more than what they are seeing available in grocery stores.

"Empty shelves, alternative tortillas, but I grew up on Milagro and this is what I’m used to and I want to support their business," said customer Veronica Hinojosa.


Silvino Gutierrez was also looking to buy on the southwest side.

"I don’t know, for me this kind are better than any other one," Gutierrez said.

FOX 32 reached out to El Milagro about what is causing the shortage, but we have not yet heard back.