Chicago expands mental health network to all neighborhoods

Chicago's mental health network is expanding citywide.

Chicago's Trauma-Informed Centers of Care, or TICC for short, will provide community-based mental health services — regardless of health insurance, immigration status or ability to pay. 


As part of the expansion, the Chicago Department of Public Health will partner with libraries to also offer counseling services.

"When I took office, the City was delivering mental health services to 3,600 adults per year and zero children in only 11 of Chicago's 77 neighborhoods," said Mayor Lori Lightfoot. "Now, we are delivering these critical services to tens of thousands of adults and children across each of our communities. This tremendous accomplishment was made possible by CDPH and the many community partners, who share my goal of creating a truly accessible mental healthcare system that serves all of our residents right in their own neighborhoods."  

There are also plans for an extension clinic at O'Hare Airport.

You can call 211 to get connected to these services.