Chicago family's pit bull stolen at gunpoint: 'One had an extended clip'

An East Garfield Park family is desperately searching for their puppy after a nightly walk turned into a nightmare. Now, they are asking the community to help bring their dog home.

"He's probably freezing and hungry, and if you know where he is, please call the channel news," said the young owner of a 7-month-old tri-color Meral pit bull, Hiro.

Her mom says Hiro was stolen at gunpoint by masked teens just after midnight last Friday.

"A car pulled up and then reversed back and parked, and three guys came out with what he thought they were 9mm or something like that. One had an extended clip. They pointed the guns at him, and one guy kneeled down, calling to the dog, and then grabbed his leash," said Hiro's owner.

The family doesn’t want to be identified out of safety concerns. Hiro was with the owner’s cousin when the situation unfolded.

"They said give me the dog. I think he said he muttered, 'You're taking this dog from a little girl.' Of course, they don't care," said the owner.

She says the family reported the license plate number, and the police were able to find the car that took Hiro. Police went on a half-hour pursuit when the car eventually crashed. Officers found a 15-year-old boy driving the car, but no Hiro.

The boy was taken into custody, but refused to tell police where the dog was.

"The car was stolen and involved in more crimes the day before," said the owner. "He probably looked at like a dollar sign. They might know his breed is expensive."

Although the family is worried and traumatized by the situation, they still hope that silly Hiro will return home.

"I'm going to run up to him and cuddle him," said the young owner.

If you have any information about the case or think you've seen Hiro, contact Chicago Police at (773)-307-3839.