Chicago family searches for answers after 19-year-old fatally shot

The family of a 19-year-old Chicago man have been left with no clues as to why he was shot and killed.

Pierre Dobyne was playing basketball with relatives Sunday when a gunman hopped out of a vehicle and unloaded bullets into his chest.

A man who lives across the street from the basketball court near 83rd and Commercial, where Pierre was shot, told FOX 32 that it's the most cold and callus thing he's ever seen.

"I just hope whoever did it turns themself in, we just want justice for him," said Pierre’s sister Brooke Dobyne.

On Sunday afternoon, according to a witness, a man got out of a red minivan, pulled a dark hoodie tight around his face, walked directly up to Pierre and fired.

"I just got a call that he was shot 4 times, it just sounded so severe you know, like 4 times," Brooke said.

broke fears for her life and did not want to be identified on camera. 

"He didn't know anybody in the neighborhood, he wasn't soliciting, he was just playing ball," Brooke said.

The shooting took place 13 miles from Pierre’s home.

Police have not tracked down the killer, or a definitive motive. They say the nature of the shooting and location may make it gang related.

"Really polite, I didn't see a clue if he was a gang banger or not because he wasn't," said Pierre’s neighbor Pepe Gonzalez.

Gonzalez lives near the Dobyne's and often let Pierre play ball in his backyard.

"He only played basketball, he just wanted to play basketball that's all," Gonzalez said.

His family said he was like a big kid, always playing video games and basketball. He also loved peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 

"He was quiet, him and my brother, Shawn, they were like two peas in a pod, tied together," said Pierre’s nephew Dayshawn.

Before he was killed, Pierre had been working for a selective city summer jobs program. He also planned to get his GED. 

"It's been happening too much around here and it's not good," Gonzalez added.

Pierre was one of six people who were killed in gun violence last weekend. His funeral is set for this Saturday.