Chicago Fire Department highlights hazards of heaters near Christmas trees

As Chicagoans embrace the holiday spirit amid dropping temperatures, the Chicago Fire Department (CFD) is issuing a critical safety reminder regarding the potential risks associated with heaters near Christmas trees.

As festive decor adorns homes across the city, the increasing cold prompts some to utilize space heaters for warmth. The CFD emphasizes the importance of safety during this time, urging everyone to exercise caution.

In a Tuesday morning session, the department conducted a comprehensive review of safety measures concerning both Christmas trees and space heaters. Key recommendations included turning off Christmas tree lights before bedtime or leaving the house, alongside a daily routine of adding water to the tree to mitigate fire risks.

Fire Commissioner Annette Nance-Holt stressed the significance of proper Christmas tree disposal post-holidays as part of ensuring ongoing safety measures. Holt's advice aligns with the CFD's proactive stance in safeguarding households against potential fire hazards associated with holiday decorations.

The CFD's emphasis on safety measures serves as a crucial reminder for Chicago residents as they engage in festive preparations. The department's counsel aims to promote a joyful yet safe holiday season for all.