Chicago gas giveaway takes place this weekend

Chicago businessman and mayoral candidate Willie Wilson is hosting another free gas giveaway Saturday.

Each vehicle will be able to get $50 worth of regular gas at 14 locations across Chicago. 

There will be one entry and exit point at each gas station with volunteers on-site providing directions. Vehicles can begin lining up at 7 a.m.


Each station is expected to serve up to 260 vehicles or until the $12,500 allotment runs out. The giveaway should last roughly three to four hours.

The gas giveaway will take place at the following locations:

  • Mobil: 5701 W. Fullerton Ave.  Stage: WB on Fullerton, enter on Fullerton, exit NB Lavergne
  • BP: 5201 W. Jackson Stage EB on Jackson, enter on Jackson, Exit SB on Laramie 
  • Mobil: 850 E. 63rd Street Stage WB on 63rd St., enter on 63rd St., exit WB 63rd St 
  • Clark: 1201 W. 87th St. Stage EB 87th Street, enter from 87th Street, Exit SB Racine 
  • Super Save: 48 E Garfield Blvd. Stage SB on Michigan, WB onto 55th, enter from 55th, exit NB on Wabash 
  • Super Save: 11100 S State Street Stage SB on State Street, enter on State Street, exit SB on State Street 
  • Gulf: 9901 S Halsted St. Stage NB on Halsted, enter on Halsted, exit EB 99th St  
  • BP: 603 S. Independence Blvd.  Stage NB on Independence, enter on Independence, exit EB on Harrison 
  • BP: 101 N. Western Ave. Stage NB on Western, enter on Western, exit WB Washington 
  • Citgo: 2801 W. 59th St. Stage EB on 59th St., enter on 59th St., exit SB California 
  • Citgo: 1745 W. Foster Ave. Stage NB on Ravenswood, enter on Ravenswood, exit EB on Foster 
  • Marathon: 340 Sacramento Blvd. Stage SB on Sacramento, enter on Sacramento, exit WB on Van Buren 
  • Citgo: 7601 S. Jeffrey Blvd. Stage NB on Jeffrey Blvd., enter on Jeffery Blvd., exit on NB Wabash Ave. 
  • Mobil: 7850 S. Martin Luther King Drive Stage SB on King Drive, enter on King Drive, exit WB on 79th Street 

No gas cans or other containers are allowed during the giveaway.