Chicago group calls on Pritzker to include all women of color in state budget

A social service organization on Chicago's West Side is urging Gov. J.B. Pritzker to take action.

The group based in the Austin neighborhood said the governor should include all women of color in the state's budget.

The Austin Peoples Action Center said it was one of the first groups on the West Side to provide food, clothing, medical and personal supplies to migrants.

But the organization's founder said the proposed spending plan, which she says appropriates $1,000 per month for migrant women, demonstrates a flaw in the budget.

"We need answers and reassurance that the very communities who are in need and have always been in need are not left out of the equation," said Cynthia Williams, founder and executive director of the Austin Peoples Action Center.

The Austin Peoples Action Center said the needs of African American women are still going unmet.

They said migrants should be helped along with all other women of color in Illinois.