Chicago heat: How some are keeping cool on the first day of summer

Residents in the Chicago area are doing whatever it takes to stay cool on a hot day like Tuesday.

The humidity is not as bad as last week, but it is still hot.

Around 3 p.m., the "feels like" temperature was 107 degrees. People were seen walking around with umbrellas and shirts on their heads trying to keep cool.

Tuesday is the first day of summer, and lots of summer camps are going on.

At the Greater Joliet Area YMCA camp in the southwest suburbs, a top priority discussed was staying safe during the heat wave, meaning lots of water breaks and time in the shade.


Another way they keep the campers cooled off is hitting the pool. The YMCA has a couple of indoor pool facilities that were very busy Tuesday.

The Greater Joliet Area YMCA has three branches and this year, they have 1,600 kids in programs.

The Youth Development Operations Director says even on hot days, summer camp must go on.

"Our camp directors are very diligent in making sure that our kids stay safe, staying hydrated. We are adding extra water games because who doesn’t love a water game. We rotate the kids in numerous times a day so that they can escape the heat and stay in the air conditioning," said Erin Lightbody.

She says there are days when they must spend more time inside, but that today hasn't been too bad. Lightbody said last week with the humidity, they spent a lot of time in the air conditioning.