Chicago homeowner believes arson was sparked by 'Let's Go Brandon' flag

A homeowner on Chicago's Far South Side has a "Let’s Go Brandon" flag flying outside their home and because of their political beliefs, they believe someone tried to burn their house down.

"This is aggravated arson, even attempted murder. This isn’t just politics," said Alan, a Beverly resident.

The homeowner wants to remain anonymous, but he’s talking about an unknown male that almost demolished his home of 32 years. Alan was inside along with his wife and adult son.

"It was bright orange in the widow," said Evan. "I tried to look out the backdoor and I saw gasoline everywhere and two empty lighter fluid bottles, and so I was like, oh crap, this wasn’t some random thing. He’s trying to light the house on fire."


Surveillance video shows the male in a hoodie, wearing a N95 mask. He walks back and forth on this block in the Beverly neighborhood on the Southside. He disappears and then reappears with the same bag. Inside the bag was a Molotov cocktail and flammable materials.

The incident unfolded around 12:45 a.m. Sunday.

"I didn’t know the man," said Alan. "He was walking around here like he wasn’t scared at all."

The family that lives here thinks this could have been politically motivated because they have a "Let’s Go Brandon" flag flying in the front of their home.

"I have a Let’s Go Brandon flag out front, that’s my first amendment right," said Alan. "It’s free speech. We can agree to disagree on politics."

The family fears if the suspect was bold enough to douse their car, the back door, the side of the home and light it on fire – then he’s bold enough to come back.

"We hope to catch him. This was malicious and this is on purpose," said Alan.

The family put the fire out themselves.

Chicago Police detectives are investigating.