Chicago jewelry company offers affordable, lab-grown diamonds

A Chicago jewelry company is trying to make diamonds everyone's best friend. 

Mine Jewelry found a way to lower the cost of the precious stones by offering lab-grown diamonds in a variety of settings.  

The company motto is "made for everyone" and the two Millennial founders kept that in mind with the price. 

"For the lab-grown variety, they’re about 30 to 40 percent cheaper than mined diamonds,” Co-founder Josh Navon said. 

Navon and Biren Bhansali grew up in the diamond business. Unlike the generations before them, they are acquiring their family stone in a new way. 

"Those machines are called high pressure, high temperature growing machines," Navon said. 

In three to six weeks, these chambers can yield rough diamonds between 3 to 10 carats. 

"The analogy that we love to give basically, ice grown in the freezer versus ice that you find in nature," Bhansali said. "Chemically, optically, physically it's the exact same thing and you can't tell the difference whatsoever." 

To see the collection visit They will be rolling out valentine's day specials very soon.