Chicago man killed in Orlando massacre

A man who called Chicago home for several years was among the victims killed in the Orlando shooting.

He was a registered nurse in Puerto Rico, but re-located to Chicago before making the move to central Florida.

Angel Candelario-Padro dazzled his co-workers at the Illinois College of Optometry with his dance moves at the company Christmas party last year.

"Angel is true to his name. He was a very pleasant individual, someone who you would consider your friend,” said Clinic Coordinator Roseanna Thompson.

Angel was one of 49 people killed inside of pulse nightclub in Orlando. He’d only been in central Florida for less than three months. Before that, he worked in Chicago for close to two years.

His friend and co-worker, Charles Wesby, spoke to Angel last month about how much he liked living in Florida.

"He loved it. He told me, of course, the weather was nice, the food and culture reminded him of Puerto Rico. He did mention that aspect of it, but he did miss Chicago,” Wesby said.

The two were a part of The Three Amigos, which is a group of ophthalmic technicians and dear friends.

The desk where Angel sat still sits quiet today, which is a silent reminder for the staff that his presence is gone.

“It was truly difficult to digest and we're still having a hard time, but we're trying just to be in his presence and in his spirit, because that was the type of person Angel was,” Thompson said.

But many of his friends want to remember angel as a vibrant, young man who had his entire life ahead of him.

“We were a great team, I'll miss him forever,” Wesby added.

Angel’s colleagues are planning a private memorial service in his honor. They are still discussing a more permanent way to honor him at the college.