Chicago man sentenced for UPS truck robbery, spate of carjackings

A Chicago man involved in a spree of carjackings and robberies, including a brazen heist of a UPS truck, has learned his fate.

Jaheim Henyard, 22, was sentenced for his involvement in the UPS robbery, three carjackings, and two street robberies occurring in August 2020 across Oak Park, Cicero, and Chicago.

Another carjacking, in December 2019 in a Westchester supermarket parking lot, involved gunfire between Henyard's accomplice and an armed victim with a concealed carry license.

In July 2020, Henyard unsuccessfully attempted another carjacking in Oak Park.

The UPS heist, on Aug. 21, 2020, in Oak Park, involved Henyard along with Darius Young and Xavier Tate, who ordered the UPS driver to the ground while they looted the truck. All three pleaded guilty, with Henyard also admitting to the four carjackings and the attempted one.

Henyard was sentenced to eleven years and three months in prison, Young to four years, and Tate to seven years and nine months.