Chicago man travels to Orlando to speak out against guns, support his gay brothers

Lake View resident Andy Wood works for a large food company in Chicago.

On Monday, using a bereavement day, he flew to Orlando wanting to make a statement against weapons that kill and to support his gay brothers.

“I quickly decided I wanted to come here. I wanted to see it,” Wood said. “I'm a gay man. I'm a member of the LGBT community and I could have just as easily been here.”

Wood came to Orlando despite having no direct ties to any of the victims.

Chris Enz, however, is close friends with Rodney Sumter, who’s a Pulse bartender who took three bullets, but survived.

“The person in front of him that he was bartending for is killed. In front of him. While he may not even have been looking, because he was turning around to grab alcohol. And when he was turning around to grab alcohol, he was shot twice in the back. And once on the elbow. And the force of those bullets pushed him to the floor,” Enz said.

Marcus Geodden WAS in the club and will never forget the look on Omar Mateen's face.

“That face. That face and how he was just looking at us. He was looking at us like we were nothing. Like we were pathetic. Just meant nothing,” Geodden said.