Chicago may have an extremely hot summer

After such a mild winter and a less than pleasant spring, what can we expect this summer?

Summer in Chicago is the season everyone waits for. We get outside, soak up the sun and let the memory of winter fade away. But it's hard to imagine having any warm summer fun when all we've had for the spring is constant rain.

FOX 32: So do you thing we're going to have a nice warm toasty summer?

“By the looks of it, I'm not thinking so,” one woman said.

This spring has been dismal, with cooler air thanks to the jet-stream dipping over us, but it looks like that jet-stream heads far north this summer as El Nino flip-flops to La Nina and the entire country could bake in above normal heat with a bulls-eye over us.

Historically, that means we get hot.

The guys out at the National Weather Service say a warm summer is likely.

"The signals that we're seeing right now are pointing to warmer than normal,” said Eric Lenning, the Science and Operations Officer at the NWSC.

And if this summer turns out to be a sizzler for us, that means someone on the other side of our planet will be experiencing a big summer chill, which is something that doesn't bother the kids who are dreaming of a hot Chicago summer.