Chicago mayoral election: Bernie Sanders throws his support behind Brandon Johnson

A new round of endorsements has been announced in the Chicago mayoral election, including a second high-profile endorsement for Brandon Johnson.

On Thursday, Vermont Senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders threw his support behind Johnson. The endorsement came just days after Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren announced her support for Johnson.

Sanders and Warren are popular with progressives — a crowd Johnson has embraced during his campaign.

Johnson also announced an endorsement on Thursday from state Rep. Kam Buckner, who fell short himself in the Chicago mayoral race last month.


Meanwhile, Paul Vallas has scored a big win among the city's Black, elected leaders. Aldermen Michelle Harris, Anthony Beale, David Moore, Derrick Curtis, and Emma Mitts pledged their support for Vallas.

He is also backed by other former mayoral candidates Ja’Mal Green, Willie Wilson, and Alderman Roderick Sawyer.

"At the end of the day, we have got to take that $28 billion dollars that is in the control of the mayor, all those governments that the mayor controls, and we've got to prioritize and allocate those resources that enable us to make the investments that need to be made on public safety and economic development, and schools, while at the same time ensuring the city is affordable," Vallas said.

"As mayor of the city of Chicago, we're going to expand sustainable community schools that gives opportunities for local communities to offer up direction for what's best for the neighborhood," Johnson said.

Polling has showed Vallas and Johnson in a tight race for the April 4th runoff.

Early voting begins, citywide, on Monday.