Chicago ordinance being considered to allows dogs in bars

A proposal working its way through the Chicago City Council would do away with the possibility of fines at some dog-friendly bars, like Archie's Iowa Rockwell Tavern in Ukrainian Village, which do not serve food.

"We don't cook food here. We don't serve food here. This is a neighborhood bar where people get off of work, or take a break from work, walk their dog, come in for a quick beer."

She and the regulars — both two and four-legged — are all in favor of a proposal that would end the possibility of $500 fines at bars like these, which are known to allow non-service animals inside.

"We're just dog-friendy. Sometimes I think the dogs are better behaved than the people," Pup said.


Customers like John Walz and his dog, Lemon, have been coming in for years. 

"Everyone in this area has become family and Lemon has become permanent friends with all these little dogs in here," Walz said.

Existing ordinances are designed to keep businesses healthy and safe for staff and customers, along with ensuring that conditions inside are sanitary. This small change would still need to pass the City Council to take effect.