Chicago police bodycam video shows party bus driver's reaction after vehicles sideswiped

We are hearing for the first time from the party bus driver accused of smashing into more than a dozen vehicles near Wrigley Field earlier this month.

Police caught up to 45-year-old Gregory Baldwin of Valparaiso after amateur video shows the Black Label Limousine driver sideswiping 18 vehicles on August 6.

"His boss is really going to love him," a Chicago police officer is heard saying in bodycam footage of the incident.

When officers asked Baldwin why he didn’t stop, he said, "I was just cruisin’ around looking for somewhere to park and just sit there until the game was over and I went and made a turn and I cut it too close."


Baldwin says prior to the incident, he had dropped a group of riders off at Wrigley Field and was going to pick them up after the game. An officer asks Baldwin if he needs an ambulance and he replies, "No man, I’m just freaked out."

When asked if he’s consumed any alcoholic beverages, he says "No, no sir, absolutely not."

Once police load him into a van for transport to the station, Baldwin asks if anyone was hurt. An officer responds, "That’s not the point. I can’t tell you right now. We’re doing an investigation."

Baldwin faces charges that include reckless driving, leaving the scene, and criminal damage to government property. He’s being held on a $40,000 bond and due back in court next month.