Chicago police looking for car robbery suspect who could be just 10-years-old

Chicago police are looking for a robber who might be just 10-years-old.

Police said that on April 26 on South Merrill near 70th in South Shore, the young robber grabbed the victim's car door open while they were trying to park. The robber punched the victim in the face and tried to take her car, but "was unsuccessful."


In that case, the robber is described as "about 10–13 years old, 5' to 5'7" tall, wearing a hooded sweatshirt, black jeans, and a mask."

That attack and attempted robbery might be linked to another incident just two blocks away – on East 70th near South Clyde in South Shore on April 25. In that case, the robber actually did manage to start the car and get away. The suspect's age in that case is not indicated, but that robbery is listed in the same alert.