Chicago police officers honored for arresting sexual predator

A special commemoration was held for two Chicago police detectives and four officers on Tuesday by the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation.

The organization says with teamwork, all are responsible for arresting a dangerous sexual predator who on March 21, sexually assaulted and robbed a woman in the 3200 block of North Kenmore.

The suspect was captured on CTA cameras and Area 3 detectives were able to identify him. Two Chicago police officers then arrested the suspect.

"This specific case, we had a very dangerous sexual predator and the detectives worked with the officers and members from CTA to remove this offender from the street," said Brendan Deenihan, CPD Chief of Detectives. "They used a lot of different technology but I want to explain that none of this is easy. These guys really grind it out and they did a remarkable job tracking this guy down and eventually, charged him with his crimes."


Detectives also later learned that the suspect had previously been arrested and charged for a similar crime and had an unrelated warrant out for his arrest.

Police say the offender fully implicated himself after being interviewed.