Chicago police presence heavier downtown after recent crime spike

Chicago police are increasing patrols downtown after a recent spike in crime in high-profile areas.

Alderman Brian Hopkins says most of the additional resources are being deployed near the Theater District after two stagehands were shot over the weekend.

Throughout the Loop, whether traveling on Michigan Avenue or in River North, residents will see a heightened police presence moving forward.

On Wednesday, officers were seen patrolling various areas on foot and bicycle. This is all being done in an effort to decrease crime downtown.


So far this year, specifically in the Loop, carjackings have doubled, and robberies and aggravated assaults are reportedly up as well compared to stats from last year.

Residents have mixed reaction about the increased patrols downtown.

"I think it will serve as a deterrent if people see it's more enforced. I think people will think twice before they engage in any kind of violence," one man said.

 "I just feel like there's lack of presence on the West and South sides. I feel like they need more police there, not so much here," a woman countered.

Chicago police have not said how many officers are being added to patrol downtown, but we do know that Cook County sheriff’s deputies and even Illinois State Police are partnering in this effort.