Chicago police union asks for a thousand attendees at anti-COVID mandate rally, but turnout is smaller

The Chicago Fraternal Order of Police union president asked for a thousand officers to show up outside of Chicago Police headquarters on Tuesday and publicly declare they will not reveal whether they have been vaccinated.

The union's goal was to have 1,000 officers attend the rally, but FOX 32 Chicago cameras saw far fewer.

The union is fighting the city's requirements to get vaccinated or get tested regularly. FOP president John Catanzara, who has compared the mandate to Nazi-era laws, has said more recently that the city is violating his union's agreement. On Tuesday, he said that what the union really wants is unvaccinated and vaccinated officers to be treated the same way.

"If you're really serious about stopping the spread, because that's what you claiming you are, and you're trying to tell all the public and the citizens that this is about stopping the spread, then let's test every officer, every day, before they come to work and go out to serve the city. Period. Whether they're vaccinated or not," Catanzara said. "If it's about stopping the spread, then let's test every day you go to work. Not just once a week or twice a week. They said no on face value. So who's full of crap here?"

On Monday, Chicago city council members voted to support Mayor Lori Lightfoot's requirements of city employees.