Chicago police warn of mail carriers being robbed at gunpoint

Another postal worker was robbed on the job in Chicago.

The thieves are on the hunt for master keys, that way they can access apartment buildings and mailboxes.

Father Michael Pfleger says if this situation isn’t addressed aggressively, it will only get worse. Residents say their mail service has been stalled as a result.

At least five postal workers were robbed at gunpoint this week alone. The victims ages range from 33 to 51.

Chicago police right now are looking into incidents, which occurred at 79th and Throop, 84th and Sangamon, 92nd and Throop, 79th and LaSalle, and in the 6400 block N. Hoyne.


In each case, police say the perpetrators approach the mail carriers with a gun, demand postal property, including packages and master keys, and then they escape into a vehicle waiting nearby.

At least four of the incidents happened not too far from St. Sabina Church in Auburn Gresham.

"There was some young guys riding by on a Divvy bike who stopped them with a gun, then others came and pulled up and snatched their keys, and went off with the keys to these apartment buildings and the rest. And these particular cases I've heard about it was two guys on a bike who came first and stopped and talk to them and then some guys came up, but they had guns," Pfleger said.

Father Pfleger says he wonders if carriers should now work in pairs and if another truck should be following them along their routes. It’s unknown if the incidents are connected.

Fortunately, none of the victims were injured.

A post office spokesperson confirms Postal Inspectors responded to several robberies last week. They encourage residents to contact police with any information.