Chicago proposes increase in paid time off for workers

A proposed ordinance in the City Council would give workers in Chicago significantly more paid time off.

Workforce Development Chair and 22nd Ward Alderman Mike Rodriguez is proposing the measure. If it passes, workers will earn one hour of paid leave for every 15 hours worked. This would mean the average worker in Chicago could earn 15 or more paid days off a year to use for any reason, not just illness.

"This expands what paid leave looks like, so we can schedule for things like doctor's appointments and make time for shuttling our aging parents and relatives and get them to these appointments," said Ald. Samantha Nugent.


Next year, a state law goes into effect giving workers in Illinois five days of paid leave to take for any reason, but it doesn't apply to Chicagoans. The proposed paid leave ordinance would bring the city into line with state law and take it further.