Chicago rape victim to face suspected attacker in trial

A man suspected of brutally raping a Polish woman who was visiting Chicago is now going to trial instead of taking a plea deal. 

The news means the victim will have to face her accused attacker again face-to-face.

“I thought I knew everything about the case,” said Julie Sawicki, a family friend. “And we heard some of these details; it's even more gruesome than you can imagine.”

Rufus Carson, 39, is accused of repeatedly raping and beating the 18-year-old woman from Poland in a violent attack in August 2018, in a West Town alley. 

The victim was left in a coma and has had to re-learn how to speak and walk, not to mention severe emotional trauma.

“She is afraid of being in line with anybody standing behind her,” said Sawicki. “She's afraid of walking down the street, turning a corner. She spends a lot of time at home.”

This morning, Carson, for the third time, rejected a plea agreement that would've limited his prison sentence to 30 years, asking the judge for more time to decide.

“The man shows no remorse,” said Roland Paul Poulet, court advocated. “He stands in court. You see nothing. No emotion.”

The judge said no to Carson’s request for more time and instead set a March trial date. This means the victim would have to return from Poland to testify against him.

“If the young lady comes back from Poland to testify about what happened, he will lose,” said Poulet. 

If convicted, Carson could face a prison sentence of 120 years.

If you want to support the victim in her recovery, neighbors in West Town have set up a GoFundMe page, which has already raised $35,000.