Chicago school children commemorate one year since Russia's invasion of Ukraine

It's been one year since Russia invaded Ukraine. Children in Chicago's Ukrainian community will mark the anniversary with prayers and a rally during a service at St. Nicholas Cathedral School.

The school, located in Chicago's Ukrainian Village neighborhood, has been a welcoming center for refugee families from the Eastern European nation.

After a year of war, they have been reminded that they have Chicago’s loyal support. School students began their day at the cathedral, praying for peace in Ukraine.

St. Nicholas has welcomed nearly 100 Ukrainian students, and 75 of them remain. Some have graduated while others have returned to Eastern Europe.


They’ve endured an anxious year, dealing with the trauma of re-settling.

Anna Cirilli, principal at St. Nicholas Cathedral School, said the students, "are coming from a place where there were warplanes, saw the tanks and things like that they're coming with that trauma leaving their families and friends."

The school connected families with housing, provisions and a caring community.

"It is an honor, it’s our humanitarian duty. We can be empathetic and see what you can do to help in this time of tragedy," Cirilli said.

School in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village is now their day-to-day route. The principal says the hard part is not knowing what the future is for the Ukrainian homeland.

If you'd like to help the school help Ukrainian refugees, click here for more information.