Chicago serial bank robber strikes around holidays: FBI

Authorities are on high alert as a serial bank robber continues his spree, hitting two banks since the start of the new year.

The FBI has been cautious about revealing too many specifics but says it is evident that the offender plans these robberies.

Though the offender conceals his face with a mask during the robberies, he wears similar clothes during each incident.

The elderly individual, who has targeted four banks so far, also tends to strike around holidays.

The sequence of events began on Halloween at the Huntington Bank branch located inside a Jewel Osco on North Sheridan. The offender didn't get any money during that attempt.

Then, the day after Christmas, he targeted a similar bank on North Broadway, where he had obtained some cash.

In his most recent robberies, the offender struck Byline Bank and another bank within a Jewel Osco. Both occurred around the holidays.

The FBI says the suspect is described as approximately 5'7" and estimated to be between 60 and 65 years old.

"He seems to be repetitively seen in cool colors — navy blue, dark colors, black. That seems to be more where his interests lie, at least while he's robbing banks. So, I would say that's something we can consider," said Siobhan Johnson, a special agent with the FBI. "This individual seems to really know what he's doing. Not everyone comes to the situation prepared, surprisingly, but this gentleman seems to have a plan in mind."

The serial bank robber is considered armed and dangerous.

The FBI is offering up to $1,000 for details that lead directly to his arrest.