Chicago area shows solidarity with Israel amid ongoing Hamas conflict

From Glencoe to the Loop, the message amongst the greater Chicago Jewish community is one of resilience and hope as they stand in solidarity with Israel.

The Shemtovs emphasize that Jewish people are uniting in hope rather than misery. The small gathering on Monday held great significance for those unable to attend larger events.

"We must find encouragement in the power and unity of the Jewish people, as well as all those who support us," said Bentzion Shemtov, Rabbi, and co-director at Chabad UIC and West Loop.

"As guests were arriving, they were sharing the distressing news coming from Israel, the terrible reports of murders and abductions beyond imagination," added Chani Shemtov, co-director at Chabad UIC and West Loop.

Hundreds of people congregated at a Glencoe synagogue, where speakers shared personal stories highlighting the tragic events that unfolded over the weekend in Israel.

"Now is our time to fight back. It's our moral duty to eradicate the threat posed by the deadly radical ideology of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad," said Yinam Cohen, Consul General of Israel to the Midwest.

Governor J.B. Pritzker emphasized that his disapproval is not directed at Palestinians but at the criminals responsible for the violence overseas.

"There are many peace-loving Palestinians, and we must honor them, but Hamas, Hamas is a terrorist organization. An army of murderers backed by Iran," stated Pritzker.

Participants expressed their hope for a swift end to the violence, but should it persist, they remain committed to coming together in prayer.