Chicago steps up support for immigrants as Trump delays deportation threat

As President Trump postponed immigration raids across the country, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and other city officials stepped up their support for undocumented workers.

Lightfoot repeated that Chicago Police will not participate in the raids or provide information to ICE

"Back off," she said.

Lightfoot's actions drew the president's particular ire.

"Well some cities are going to fight it," Trump said. "If you look at Chicago, they're fighting it."

The postponement of the raids aside, immigrant communities in Chicago were still bracing for federal agents on Saturday.

"Nobody should be detained without any reason or warrant," Ald. Byron Sigcho-Lopez said as he handed out flyers reminding residents of their rights in the Pilsen neighborhood.

The raids were supposed to start on Sunday and target 2,000 immigrants nationwide. The threats  came amid appalling reports of conditions inside immigrant detention camps, with one observer labeling a camp a "human dog pound" where immigrants were getting one meal and one cup of water per day.

"They are people that want to work for the best of their children," said Gina Abraham, who has friends who might be targeted. "They are working. They are paying their taxes."

Trump's tweet said he is giving Democrats and Republicans two weeks to come up with new immigration laws. The president did not get comprehensive immigration reform passed when he had control of both branches of Congress, however.

"He is hoping -- I don't know -- that Congress will do something in the next two weeks to somehow appeal to him. No," said Rep. Jan Schakowsky. "Donald Trump has to stop this crusade against immigrants in this country."