Chicago student accepted into 12 universities earns $1M in scholarships

A Chicago student hit the lottery in scholarships. 

He earned a million dollars to pay for college. 

"Just apply": That's the advice from the William Bogan Computer Tech senior. 

Stephen Christopher Thomas says no matter how small, he applied for every scholarship he qualified for. 

The straight-A student attributes his success to the support of his parents and friends who continuously pushed him. 

"It helps as a parent to motivate your child, and be understanding if they're not feeling their best. As a student, just keep your head down, blinders on and think about the end goal. Whatever is going on in your life, it will pass --- just make sure you're keeping yourself first and keep doing what needs to be done," said Thomas.


Thomas was accepted into 12 universities.  

He's leaning toward North Central College in Naperville to be close to home.

He says he wants to go into psychology to help others.