Chicago students push to remove officers from Lincoln Park High School

The local school council at Lincoln Park High School will vote Thursday on whether or not Chicago police will remain in their school or be removed.

On Wednesday, many students and alumni gathered with the message that they want police out of the building. 

Organizers believe the Student Resource Officer program criminalizes students and perpetuates the school-to-prison pipeline for Black and Brown students.

Fifty-four percent of the student body at LPHS identify as Black or Hispanic.

“Students are learning and are growing, they are not criminals,” said LPHS Alum Nidalis Burgos.

CPS left it up to the councils to decide if police stay or go.

So far, 12 CPS schools have voted resource officers out, like Mather High school

They pulled the plug to honor slain activist and student, Caleb Reed.

More than 30 CPS schools have voted to keep police in the hallways.

Burgos says she hopes the local school council will make the right move.

"By putting officers in schools, you are criminalizing students, you are putting them in a box . . . Vote smart, we are watching," said Burgos.