Chicago taco truck owner speaks out after being shot while working: 'I got angry'

A taco truck owner who was shot on the job Friday is speaking out for the first time.

Jonathan Lopez, 39, was living his dream of cooking up tacos late Friday night in Pilsen when a fight outside the truck, parked at 18th and Blue Island, escalated.

A bullet traveled through the truck, striking Lopez in the abdomen. 

"I got angry because I'm like I have 12 tickets on my board, and you just killed my lunch rush," said Lopez. "Why couldn't you do this at the end of my lunch rush."


He credits his life to his business partner, who held his wound, and a stranger who used her jacket to stop the bleeding. 

Lopez's friends have set up a GoFundMe page with the goal of raising $50,000 to cover his medical expenses. 

Despite his injuries on the job, Lopez is eager to get back to work. 

"If the doctor was to tell me, 'You're OK to get out of bed right now and go back to cook,' believe me, I'd be right back on that taco truck," said Lopez.

Lopez says he's going to use the downtime to come up with more recipes, so he's better than ever when he makes his triumphant return.