Chicago teens invent board game that's becoming wildly popular

The young makers of a local board game are working to keep you entertained during the stay-at-home order.

The North Shore teens just started selling their invention this year and it has already become a hit.

It was a childhood idea that came to life for the New Trier seniors, and they are also doing their part to help a local charity.

"It’s so simple and easy to learn. It takes up to two minutes. But it has a lot of complexities and nuances that makes it fun for the parents as well,” said Bobby Becker.

New Trier teens Kyle Levy and Becker have found if you build it, they will come. Since they launched their game "Barrier Battles" in January, they have sold 500 units.

"It's just been nagging at me because I had this really fun, incredible game and I wasn't doing anything with it, so I went to Kyle who helped design and 3D print the parts and pieces,” Becker said.

"We've been engaging with a lot of our fans on social media and email, and they're really having a lot of fun because there’s not much to do. A lot of people are playing our game,” he added.

Levy and Becker will deliver the game to North Shore customers in an hour or less.

"Someone said we're giving Jimmy Johns a run for their money. Amazon can't beat us with their 2-day shipping. We like doing under an hour,” Levy said.

The teens self-funded the launch, turning to an overseas gaming company for manufacturing.

"People don't realize a good idea until they see it and they see people like it... and holding your idea back is really just holding yourself back,” Levy said.

The two teens are donating $10 of every game purchased through Friday to Habitat for Humanity. To buy the game, head to It is $19.99.