Chicago volunteers help clear snow for seniors, others after winter storm

Chicago’s bad weather once again brought out the best in its citizens.

Armies of volunteers armed with snow shovels and snow blowers descended on neighborhoods throughout the city to help seniors and others who cannot clear the snow themselves.

On Tuesday, the volunteers fired up the snow blower and handed out the shovels as about two dozen gathered at the corner of 64th and Virgil.

"I figure it’s a good way to get exercise and volunteer at the same time," one woman said.

The good deed was organized by community activist Jahmal Cole of "My Block My Hood My City."

"The city is going to be overwhelmed by Mother Nature," he said.

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So Cole called for help on his group’s Facebook Page.

"So if you live in Jefferson Park, I can say, ‘hey what seniors need help in Jefferson Park?’ If you want to volunteer in Jefferson Park just let me know and I can connect the two," Cole said.

Nearly 1,000 volunteers responded across the city.

"I want to have an impact on those individuals who may not be able to get out and clear the driveway for themselves. I was like I hope when I get that age someone will do that for me as well," Lashelle Newland said.

Also grabbing snow shovels and pitching in were about a dozen tactical police officers from the nearby third district.

"This is our way of letting our light shine, right? So we want everyone to see the human side of the police department," said Commander Roderick Watson.

All the help was appreciated by neighbors like 72-year-old Louis Reed of Woodlawn, who is recovering from a stroke.

"I think it’s wonderful. Cause I can’t do nothing," he said.

"We appreciate any kind of attention to this neighborhood because it’s mostly negative. And when I see positive stuff going on, that means everything to me," said Woodlawn resident Austin Banks.