Chicagoans embrace burst of warm weather ahead of impending snowstorm: 'Make the most of it'

Wednesday's warmup was a welcome change for people who like to exercise along the lakefront path.

By 9 a.m., it was 48 degrees and climbing into the 50s—the warmest day so far this year.

"I almost wore shorts today. We have to take advantage of this balmy weather," said Medora Lee as she jogged along the lakefront path Wednesday morning.

Zhenya Hutson echoed the sentiment. 

"I feel like I should have gone for a lighter layer like Medora. I wore a windbreaker because I knew it was going to be windy. So I'm kind of sweaty," Hutson said


Bob Holzer, who was jogging in a long sleeve shirt and shorts, acknowledged what's on the way.

"I'm just looking for these warm days to get out here and honestly I'm over-dressed. Yeah, the snow. That's why I'm out here now, I'm warming up for my exercise shoveling," Holzer said.

There were also plenty of dog walkers and bicyclists although some were forced to fight a hefty headwind nd the muddy, slushy remnants of our last snow.

"It's one of the worst days of the year to go out and ride because it's so dirty. But it's one day when it's above freezing so we're going to make the most of it," said bicyclist JP McCarthey.

With major snow melt expected today and downpours later tonight, there’s also a chance for lakeshore flooding tomorrow.

However, FOX 32 Meteorologist Mike Caplan said since lake levels have been lower the last couple of years, the flood risk is also less significant.

The Chicago area is expected to be blanketed by a round of snow Thursday with up to 8 inches projected south of I-80 and anywhere from 3 to 6 inches forecast in the city.