Chicagoans try to make Mother's Day special in spite of pandemic

Whatever you chose to do to honor mom, this day will go down across the world as a most unusual Mother’s Day.

You might have gone with the latest craze – sending a parade of cars past her home. KeAnna and Leslie Parker got that sweet surprise. They’re both nurses and both are now coronavirus survivors.

“I had a couple of patients who might have it. It could’ve been from me. It could’ve been from her, but she tested positive first,” said KeAnna Parker.

For KeAnna’s daughter Kennedy, the day was about coming home and giving mom a video she made.

“I actually didn’t want her to be around with my occupational hazard, but it’s Mother’s Day weekend. She had to come back!” said KeAnna Parker.

“I really missed my mom cause I hadn’t seen her in like two months. I kept calling her everyday. She was helping me with my homework,” said Kennedy (last name withheld).

For some, Mother’s Day was about serving others. Volunteers packed a YWCA parking lot in Woodlawn, handing out tasty food and…

“Because it’s Mother’s Day, they blessed us with flowers to give away to the community as well, so we’re so grateful to have all this activity,” said Dorri McWhorter.

These flowers would have been planted at the University of Chicago, but with campus empty, a decision was made to donate all of them.

For mothers behind bars, coronavirus made it a lonely holiday. No visitors allowed since March 14. So Representative La Shawn K. Ford dropped off enough soap and bottled water for every inmate at Logan Correctional Center.

“Warden Kennedy, she told me as soon as they inspect the boxes, they’re going to immediately take the soap and feminine products and they’re gonna start handing them out so right away that gives them an understanding. They have a connection on our side and we’re very happy to be that connection,” said Ford.