Chicagoland Halloween turns chilly with snowfall causing traffic troubles

Halloween got a bit more scary. There were more brake lights and pileups than creepy costumes.

It’s not a lot of snow, but it’s caused a lot of problems for Chicagoland and communities south.

"It’s cold, so we come to (the trick-or-treaters) so they don’t have to walk somewhere," said some Miller Beach residents who were riding around to hand out candy. "It’s totally different this year than last."

Kids in northwest Indiana bundled up for the bone-chilling Halloween night. Instead of walking door to door, jumping in the car was a better option.

"It was nice that they got a chance to get out because at 4 p.m., it was a whiteout here. And it was unbelievable. Then it stopped around 5 p.m. and the kids had a two-hour interval. So we’ll have the snow, we’ll put a fire in the fireplace and sit and chill. And get rid of all the candy. No candy comes home," said Bob Farag as he handed out candy with neighbors.

Farag says families around the Miller Beach neighborhood are used to the lake-effect snow, so a few inches is nothing. But not everyone is used to the snowy conditions, including drivers across the state line.

In Matteson, there were two separate crashes over I-57 on Tuesday night. One involved seven cars on Vollmer Road and the other nine cars on Route 30.

Further north, blowing snow covered the expressway in Rosemont.

Still, princesses like Wren Gardner, who dressed up as Jasmine under her big coat, says, "The cold never bothered me anyway."

"I can handle this because I’ve been in colder weather in Michigan trick-or-treating," said Gardner.