Chicago's first 'baby spa' opens in Bucktown

A unique spa in Bucktown is only for the young at heart, and we mean really young. To take part, patrons must be between the ages of two weeks old and six months.  

Warm water, soothing oil and the sweet sounds of Mom and Dad. It's kryptonite for a full night's sleep, for babies. 

"When I first heard of it, I thought it was the cutest concept,” said Ciara Morgan.

Welcome to Metta Baby, Chicago's first spa for babies, and one of the only social activities for little ones as young as two weeks old. 

It's so European, says Metta Baby founder Rachel Curran. 

"When I was over there, I actually started to see very similar concepts pop up and basically have spent the last four years really trying to research the benefits, training and putting everything together,” said Curran.

A session begins with a 20-minute baby float. 

"It’s a gentle form of exercise for them, so it starts activating those muscles very lightly, it really starts stimulating their senses in a way that they cannot do on land,” said Curran. 

Next, parents are guided through the world's tiniest massage. 

"We recommend adding the massage in at night time because it actually aids in longer and deeper sleep patterns,” said Curran

However, that's not the only benefit for parents. 

"It’s a great opportunity for us to bond with him a little bit more and spend some time,” said Joshua Clark.

"As new moms you're at home a lot and especially wintertime, there's not many places to go and meet with other new moms so it's really great to just have a community,” said Scheibe.