Workers at Chicago's Ford Assembly Plant demand action over vandalism surge

Some workers from Chicago's Ford Assembly Plant are speaking out, stating that the company isn't doing enough in response to reports of cars being vandalized at the plant, including one report of a car being set on fire.

Members of UAW Local 551 held a news conference on Monday, claiming that over the past several months, some employee vehicles have been broken into and rifled through while they were working at the Torrence Avenue plant.

The union provided photos to FOX 32 Chicago showing the alleged damage and stated that they are requesting Ford to implement more security in certain lots that are not gated or manned 24/7. Chicago police confirmed that they received four incident reports of car windows being smashed at the plant.

"They made it into the lot, and they hit, probably numerous, I don't know how many, but there were numerous vehicles that got smashed into, the windows smashed, everything they had was rifled through, most people had things taken," said Jason Wachowski, Vice President of the UAW Local 551. "We need some assistance with people being able to get to and from their vehicles safely and making sure that when they come out their vehicle is there."

In a statement from Ford, a spokesperson said, "The safety and security of our employees is a top priority. We have already enhanced security in our employee lots with added personnel and support from the Chicago police. We are also implementing additional safety measures by adding secure access to employee lots and improving lighting and cameras."