Children held at gunpoint during robbery at a Clayton County restaurant

Robbers barge into a restaurant, force children at gunpoint to get on the floor and demand the owner give them the money. It happened at the Boston Fish Supreme in Clayton County.

John Nop and his 4 children were working at their family restaurant Saturday night when two men walked in wearing fake beards and carrying guns. One of the men forced Nop to go to the safe while the other stayed with the children, ages 8 to 16.

The surveillance video is chilling.  It shows a man standing over 4 children lying on the floor, faces down.

"They told my kids that if they even made a peep they'd shoot their daddy," said John Nop, the owner of Boston Fish Supreme.

The crooks then forced Nop to the front of the restaurant to the cash register.  The robbers grabbed all the cash, stuffed it into a large white trash bag, and took off.

Nop and his children are terrified. The crooks are still on the run.

"I tell my kids to be strong, this is part of business, don't let the criminals stop you," said Phirun Khoun, the owner of the restaurant.

Phirun Khoun and her husband, John Nop, just opened the restaurant in July.  They say they've been asking for more security, especially behind the restaurant where it is very dark.  Since the robbery, they've added even more security for the safety of their family and their customers.

"My kids, they're my everything I don't want to jeopardize them if it ever happened again," said Khoun.