City Council approves $3 million in police settlements, delays nomination of COPA Chief

It was a busy day at City Hall Wednesday as more taxpayer money was handed over to alleged victims of police misconduct. 

The council approved $3 million in settlements to resolve a handful of lawsuits related to police misconduct.

They also approved a measure allowing people to take their dogs into bars, as long as the establishment doesn't serve food.

After some debate, the council also authorized the Chicago Police Board to remove names from the CPD's soon-to-be-revised gang database.

The controversy over the mayor's pick to lead the Civilian Office of Police Accountability spilled over into Wednesday's council meeting as well.

The alderman voted to send the nomination of Andrea Kersten to the Rules Committee, possibly derailing her confirmation.


Kersten released a report recommending fallen Officer Ella French be suspended for a botched 2019 raid.

Twenty alderman already sent a letter to the mayor saying they "vehemently oppose" her nomination.

However, Mayor Lori Lightfoot is standing by her pick. 

The mayor went on to say Kersten owes Ella French's family an apology.

Kersten is expected to address the issue before the police board Wednesday.