City looking to fire Chicago police sergeant over incident with CTA worker

The city is going forward with a plan to fire a Chicago Police Sergeant against the wishes of Chicago's top cop.   

This is over an incident that happened after a musician was attacked on the CTA Red Line last February.

The street musician known as "Machete Mike" was attacked and stabbed by a woman after an argument. 

According to authorities, there wasn't enough police tape to cordon off the area at the Jackson stop where the incident happened.

CTA worker Martesa Lee was in charge of deciding whether or not CTA trains could continue to stop at Jackson Street.

She reportedly walked through the unmarked crime scene, along with others, multiple times and had a run-in with a Chicago police officer who told her to leave.


Lee claims he pushed her so she went to the officer's supervisor to file a complaint. 

Sgt. William Spyker asked her if it was worth it, and instead had her arrested for obstructing the crime scene. 

COPA recommended he be fired, while Supt. David Brown said he felt the sergeant should be suspended for six months.

The police board will have the final say.

Lee did later sue over the incident, and the city settled for $57,000.