Clinton, Sanders make final push in Iowa before caucuses

IOWA (FOX 32 News) - All eyes are on Iowa.

Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders held rallies in Davenport Friday night.

A high-energy, noticeably young crowd greeted Bernie Sanders in Davenport. Volunteers and supporters came from Illinois to "feel the Bern," too.

FOX 32: What is it about Iowa every four years that brings people like you from Illinois?

“We wish we could be part of the caucus. Look at the excitement!” said Marcus Stoddard, resident of Mercer County.

FOX 32: Why is Bernie Sanders stirring excitement?

“I think it's because he is saying, ‘C'mon, we can do more.’” Crystal Lake resident Barb Tyska said.

While Bernie Sanders spoke to the crowd in Davenport, literally 4 or 5 blocks away more than a thousand people were in line awaiting Hillary Clinton.

“And if there's anybody who can work across the aisle, who has the experience on the national stage, it's her,” said Highland Park resident Ken Kotula.

Since Hillary Clinton launched her campaign for President in Iowa last spring, one Chicago man has spent most of his time on the road doing volunteer work for her, only rarely getting back home.

“I've been volunteering. I've been in Minnesota. I've been down to Indiana. I've been to Missouri, New Hampshire. I've been here,” said John West.

FOX 32: You really like Hillary?

“I really like Hillary. I really believe in her platform. I believe in her experience. I believe in what she has the potential to do,” West added.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are not the only candidates bringing Illinoisans over to Iowa. Republicans, too.

All told, thousands of Illinoisans will be working over the weekend, leading up to the Monday night caucus, when the first votes for President will be cast.