Coach who is in same-sex marriage might still lose her job at a suburban Catholic school, chancellor says

It looks like a lacrosse coach at a suburban Catholic school might still lose her job after the chancellor said he's "deeply troubled."

Amanda Kammes was hired by Benet Academy in Lisle, Illinois, then let go after she named her wife as an emergency contact on new-hire paperwork. Students protested, and the Benet Board relented and decided to keep her.

However, on Tuesday, St. Procopius Abbey Abbot Austin G. Murphy, chancellor of Benet Academy, released a statement saying the situation is not a done deal.

In the statement, Murphy wrote: "The matter raises the question of what a Catholic high school should require from those who work with and form its students. In particular, is it necessary that the witness of their public lives not be in opposition to Catholic moral teaching? I believe this requirement is necessary and, therefore am deeply troubled by the school's decision which calls into question its adherence to the doctrines of the Catholic faith."

Benet Academy did not have a response as of Tuesday afternoon.

"I want to let everyone know that I am taking this matter to prayer and discerning how to proceed," Murphy said.